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Why Selling Solutions Is No Longer Enough

The greatest expense in any company is LOST SALES. You don’t realize it because it never hits your books – it hits the other guy’s books. If you had to write off lost sales they would become visible and your CFO, CEO, and the analysts will be clamoring for better hiring and sales training.

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Are you neglecting your existing customers in the search for new ones?

By Graham Roberts-Phelps There is an old fable of an ambitious young man who travels the world in search of riches. While he is away his neighbours discover a rich seam of diamonds in his old home town. Many of you reading this will be constantly searching for new customers, often at considerable expense. However,[…..]

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The 10 principles of brilliant customer service

By Graham Roberts-Phelps 1.   Whatever you do, do it fast In a world where everything is fast, and everything is time based, speed will give you the competitive advantage.  Time is the scarcest commodity in the world.  So when dealing with your customers deliver fast service which adds value, it shows you care and it[…..]

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Article: Is social media a waste of time?

By Graham Jones Television journalist Andrew Marr reckons that bloggers are “bald young men sitting in their mother’s basements ranting”. In a speech to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he enraged many bloggers; after all not all of them are bald. It is a rather naïve view, suggesting that blogging is something that is only done[…..]


Article: Motivating someone who doesn’t know what they want

By Richard White I was working with a sales manager this week who was saying how difficult it was getting a few of his sales team motivated. When I asked him whether he had done goal setting sessions with his team he told me that he had but some of his team were ‘half empty’[…..]

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Article: Delivering feedback your sales team will want to hear

By Richard White Feedback is an important tool in the Sales Manager’s coaching toolkit. You want your sales people to increase their sales results and feedback is an excellent way to help them identify how to make improvements. So often, however, offering feedback is like asking someone if they want to be criticised!  How does[…..]

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Video: How to get motivated and stay motivated

Focused activity is one of the fundamentals of sales success. This is a mini-course video with exercises designed to help you set your goals, get motivated and stay motivated. If you do the course yourself you will better understand how to work with your sales team to get them motivated. Feel free to let them[…..]

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E-Book: Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow rich is a classic motivational book. Written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie, it was published in 1937 at the end of the Great Depression.  It is not a book about sales by any means yet it contains many lessons for developing our thinking for success in sales. It is[…..]