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Article: 3 Easy Tips for Building Client Relations

Posted by: In: Account Development, Communication 07 Sep 2010 Comments: 0

By Kate Warren.

Would you like to be more persuasive with your clients? Want to know some simple, easy ways to make a great impression, especially around ‘tricky’ areas like pricing? Here are 3 simple tips about how you can use specific language to influence the results you get with people.

  1. Use these 2 little words that build trust whenever you complete something for your client, or send something over that they’ve requested. What are the 2 words? ‘As promised’. For example, ‘As promised, please find attached the…’ or ‘As promised, here is the…’. When you write ‘as promised’ it creates an impression in the mind of the reader that you are the kind of person who keeps their promises. Be sure you do!
  2. Use non-personal pronouns when describing quotations, invoices, and anything else relating to pricing that might be controversial. Write ‘the proposal’ rather than ‘our proposal’ when you don’t know how the proposal is going to be received. That way, if the client does not like the proposal, they are less likely to associate it with you, preserving the relationship. You can also use this technique to take the sting out of difficult conversations such as chasing invoice payments – say ‘the invoice’ instead of ‘my invoice’ and notice how much calmer everyone (including you!) becomes.
  3. Ask your clients for feedback about how things are going. An easy way to do this is to ask them how your business/relationship is doing on a scale of 1-10. This causes the client to access the left side of the brain as they think of a number. Once they’ve given you the number, ask them what you need to do differently in order to receive a higher number. By asking the left side of their brain, you’ll gain valuable logical information that you can use to improve performance.

Why not take one of these tips and use it during the next week. You can stick a post it on your desk to remind you to do it.

If you’re looking for more bright ideas about communication plus practical solutions, you can find more tips on Kate's Brightlife Blog, or check out her free podcasts and book recommendations.

Good luck!

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